Thursday, April 30, 2009


As your beautiful gardens begin to bloom, the scent of flowers ever so so gently wafting through your newly opened windows, there are moments when the breeze is unkind or non-existent. So cut your treasures & bring them inside, you say. I would agree wholeheartedly if only this would not shorten their beauty. So what to do....
Seda France. Ever heard of them??? If you haven't, then for shame. The Austin, TX based company creates from the finest natural oils, presenting a true, clean scent. My favorite varies from season to season but Cutting Garden remains my go to wick. It's that breeze I yearn so much for...springtime in a flower market but done delicately. Theirs scents are subtle never intrusive. Cutting Garden is a selection from their cornerstone line the Toile Collection. Do you adore the packaging as much as I do?? A true delight! With monikers like Camellia Montagne, Citron du Sud & Verveine, you'll not be able to resist the scentsational moods they'll create. Bonus!! Each candle burns 60 plus hours, but after one, I blow mine out and the fragrance leisurely lingers the afternoon.

Spring has arrived!!!!!

Another season of rebirth is upon us...thank goodness!!!! I think that after all the browns & grays of winter, there is not one among us who'd not admit to that overjoyed feeling that blue, blue skies, new greens of grasses and growth give us, topped only by the delight of pinks & whites.

Cherry blossoms, magnolias, wisteria, I could go on & on about my love of the season, missing it now more than ever having fate dragged me to the desert southwest but instead I ramble through my memories and wait for the time in my life when again I'll live in the greenest of areas. Where I wonder often but my soul is more Southern than even I realized.

Monograms, manners, and polished cotton fabrics all the colors of gardens fill my head lately. Alright, tradional with a dash of preppy works well too, but I can't help but wonder if somewhere down the road lush green hills filled with drawls & sweet tea are waiting for me to arrive.