Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back again but home was left behind.....

Yes I have returned to Arizona but after merrily making my way from Svannah to Charleston & gracing points in between I do believe I left my heart in Charleston. I have much to mention but with unpacking, working until Sunday & I leave you with this gorgeous tidbit of a home taken in historic Summerville... naturally with more to come.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adieu for a few weeks my dear friends...& a piece of sarcastic but accurate advice.

Wow, when you work like a dog in the 115 degree heat for 2 weeks it really flies by.
In a few days I'm off for a few weeks. Savannah, GA, Low Country Beaufort & Charleston SC to spend happy times with my beloved Godchildren Grant & Hailey. Having barely spent anytime with them the last 15 months after helping raise them for several years & loving them as if they were my own, this vacation has been long overdue & will be truly wonderful.
Besides sightseeing, beach combing & shopping, we will be celebrating my 43rd birthday next Monday with a 7 course tasting menu at Elizabeths on 37th. I'm also bringing back a few goodies to giveaway...& I give killer gifts!!! Oh & a few vinos tastings are on the agenda too!!!
Until we chat again take care my dear friends. Relax. Remember all those rude people you've been emailing me about well I leave you with a sarcastically accurate tip that I've been passing on for years. 25 years in retail I've seen everything...& been called it too. This popped into my head 'cause I am a bit nuts & I've been using this ever since. When that person is acting like a moron, a cretin, the devil or honestly just obnoxious look deep into their eyes & remember to thank God you don't have to have sex with this person!! You laughed!! I know you did. People always do. If this is how they act over trivial issues, because it always is trivial that is, imagine how they behave when its important. Yup you'll laugh & the frustration will disappear & there seems to be a lot of that these days. My final words are from the smart ass side of my soul.... its a great side to keep ya young!!!