Friday, November 6, 2009

Ya give me fever...Valley Fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sick as I've been I'm happy to pass on that I've been diagnosed with Valley Fever, a spore that lives in the AZ desert & yup...its in my lungs. Blood tests came back positive & now I'm just relaxing away. I did have pneumonia, often a symptom but the fever explains the enlarged nodes & while a follow up CT will be required this 99.9% explains the abnormal nodes & dismisses cancer. An anti fungal drug is only used in severe cases & knock on my wooden head I got it good but not that bad so rest, sleep, eat well & months of slowly getting better will do me just fine.
Thank you for all the love & support. Its made me feel so loved& we all know that's the best medicine.
I'm so looking forward to getting back to blogging in the next week or so. I have missed you all so very much.
By the way the images are my favorite flea market painting & then tole tray for my autumn transformation of the house. The tray was at the Ann Arbor Antiques market: last hours of a double weekend & tucked at the back of a display. Paid half price at $60.00 & the picture doesn't do it justice. It also big at 24"x20". All my years in the antiques world taught me many tricks of the price trade, which I'm thinking could make a good post. I can tell you that wherever I go Ann Arbor to Rose Bowl my compadres make me do the purchasing. The painting was from another fabulous Alicia at the Royal Oak Flea in tiny Royal Oak Michigan. Another photo that doesn't do it justice.
In my old home it hung over the fireplace mantle for the autumnal season. By the way I do have MVD: mantle vignette disease...dressing it for the season but think Martha or Eddie Ross. Natural resplendence I call it. With my closet full of decor my mother calls it nuts. Hey I was in high end home decor retail for 10 years & paid wholesale: NDI, I really miss you. :)
Happy weekend!!!!!