Monday, April 19, 2010

From amethyst to wine...purple is fine.

I've always loved the hues with reds & blues that create purple. From garden to kitchen & everywhere in between it makes a statement & for me the deeper the tone the better
Alliums to tulips the hues can anchor, punch or grace a garden. How could you not just adore this flora bunda bounty???
Cuisine. Naturally one thinks of grapes but pies & tarts??? Martha's Concord Grape Tart was my first recipe waaaay back in 1985.

Then I was introduced to kale & broccoli which both are amazing roasted or sauteed with a drizzle of balsamic glaze & olive oil to finish. Oh fresh ground pepper & Maldon salt sprinkled...fabulous!!!!

Remember garlic, egglant & basil...all in purples sauteed together...holy moly!!!
Ironically my favorites are the Italian plums & figs: their deep color on exterior not mirrored inside but still. Figs roasted stuffed with chevre, my mom's German plum cake...yum!!
Using purples in design: usually they end up being lavender like light but again deep tones create impact, proving that urbane sophistication can indeed take the girly girl out of such a traditionally girly shade.Mind you men can & do wear the fathers Faconnable Tie & Thomas Pink shirt prove it so well.
Then there's my dream Vivienne Westwood dress, the famed D'Orsay Manolos & Chanel's Vendetta sultry on my nails.
A little Hermes never does any harm...
Whichever shade you adore, go for it. There's nothing better than punch & drama when it comes to coloring your life.
Photos courtesy of flickr, House Beautiful, Johner & Veranda

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Missing: Lazy Sundays?????

As the years have progress I've become highly aware of what defines progress (aah the irony of such as word) & frankly what has happened to Sundays??
Target is packed, Home Depot forget about it...retail is a buzz. Now don"t get me wrong. I'm not advocating everyone get their rears to pews, religion is a highly personal choice & organized religion even more so, but lazy Sundays, those I'm wondering where they went.
Reading, crossword puzzles, family dinners: just being together at home, even if doing things separately seem to becoming just as extinct as the family dinner. Don't get me started on that, I mean we now have to have PSA to remind to spend time together....horrible.
I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to family & its a damn shame that I'm described as one...traditionalist that is. Its not contemporary??? Okay, okay I'm off topic...

So my challenge for a Sunday or two...turn off the electronics, put away the car keys & just enjoy a Sunday slowly.
By the way..I wrote this on Saturday...I'm on the sofa with the NYT puzzle feeling rather ignorant but challenged & my family is laughing at the woman I am swearing at a folded up newspaper....

Sweet Sundays & all the other that follow.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter wishes for you & yours...

Prayers, chocolate bunnies, dinner, breakfast or sunrises services, however you spend your Easter this weekend, I wish you the best times, laughter & candy. Your never too old for egg hunts & Peeps!!!
Happy Easter!!!!