Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nibble of knowledge for Saturday

If you exude grace, you repel toxicity.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Emerald Green with Envy

As insane as my life has been the last 6 months I find lately a scant of time to reenter the blogosphere, breathe, read & once again post. Today is a natural day to give a bit to the internet being its all about the green. Alright not really but being that St Patricks Day for so many revoloves around beads (?) tshirts , horrid green beer (hello Guiness!!), I decided to pause & celebrate my love of green..the color.
It goes with everything. Heck a plant works in any space.Case closed. Its nature, its richness, darn it it makes me feel renewed. So as I renew posting, its rather a natural new beginning.
Green in a few lovely images.

I will confess my addiction to moss.
Palmer Weiss & how could you not covet that sofa.
Barkers UK... airmail????
Leah Fanning. If I win the lottery.

Plaza Flowers perfection...merci Connie Plaissay. This makes me serene.
Christina's genius everyone should own.
Lalique's notion...
Art by Kristina Sobstad
Miles Redd: thank you for your unabashed use of color.
More moss... so luscious.
My green of the moment taking across from Forsythe Park in Savannah back in 2009. A wonderful time... I hope for more.

Have a glorious St Patricks Day. May the luck of life bless you!!!!

Photos courtesy of HB, Plaza Forist, Leah Fanning, Kristina Sobstad, NetaPorter, Barkers UK