Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday's surprise is still on Fridays mind!!!

May of 2011 this view will be mine in person. I'm thrilled, excited & giddy 24/7!!! My mom & I are doing 3 weeks of wandering around the Italian countryside, city vista etc!!! Best of's a gift from my Dad!!!!
Can you believe it!! Here it is Fathers Day around the corner & my parents surprised me out of the blue, well first they teased me then after threats of damage they finally let the cat out of the bag.
You see Mom & I were all set to do this trip back in 2004 but my then best friend begged for us to wait a year for her to go so we waited. I got terribly ill the end of June 04 & she met a man & dumped me in October. Yup fun huh..... did I mention my health returned right around the time the economy went bust. Fast forward another 2 plus years & now...tada!!!!!
We will be flying into Florence renting a car & tooling around the upper half of that fabulous boot. Perugia is as south as we will go. I have a few foodie guides & Caffeletto...the ultimate in inns & villas for staying. I can't stop laughing.
I hope that every ones week was as busy, hard working, surprising & laughter filled as mine. By the way an idiot in a new Mercedes nearly killed me today crossing into my path when I had a green & he had a red & as pissed as I was at his entitled apathetic attitude (what else could it be??) I realized why beat him up...he does that when he looks in the mirror every morning!!!
Wishing everyone Dolce Vita!!!!!



This will be so much fun. Remember to stop every single time you see a beautiful vista, relish the moment, talk to the shopkeepers, eat outside 3X a day, & peak into every alleyway & corner. This is wonderful for your both. Your father is a rockstar! xx's

Alicia B. Designs said...

GASPPPPPPPP sounds amazing. I'm molto jealous!!

Alicia B.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you! After all you have been through, this is an amazing treat! I have been dumped by a dear friend as well, so enjoy for the both of us!! Jennifer

Kristin said...

How lucky are you!!! That is so amazing! I would love to do that sometime, because I'm totally in love with Italy! We're going to Venice soon though! And thanks for your nice comment last time! Have a wonderful weekend!

Kristin xx

kate said...

Great for you!!! Im so happy what a good story with a happy ending to boot. I feel for you my daughter and i were in a terrible wreck 3 wks ago now, totaled my lexus but it gave its life and saved ours!!! i walked away with 3 bruised ribs and daugher two herniaed discs. i am fine with a new sense of life. best to you

Marie Arden said...

What lovely photos so cooling in this heat to look at green and white!!
I just found your blog a few weeks ago. Come by and visit my pink blog I think we have a lot in common.
Marie Arden Pink

Missing Goat said...

I'm green with envy!!! but, it sounds like you deserve this - bad friend by the way.

sophiedahydesigns said...

I am SO jealous!! I have been before but not for long enough and am dying to go and spend three weeks like you. What a fabulous time you will have!