Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the seaon to create your own reasons

As the holidays come into full madness I always discover myself watching from the outside but not for the obvious reason. You may or may not know but I've been in retail for 25 years. I've been ordering Holiday motif merchandise in July, figuring displays out in my mind in September, working like crazy from Halloween until January & poof my holidays have always been after everyone ceases shopping at the end of January. Christmas & Co have been my business & for that reason I see it quite differently.

I appreciate the gentle snowfall at midnight when I drive the empty streets home, lights twinkling, carols on the radio & the true peace of it all. I know my few gifts of thought always outweigh the mountains some think matter more. My perspective is the greatest gift of the season.

Worry not about perfect cookies. They last longer in the mouth than on the eyes. Forget about finding the perfect sweater for your best gal. Instead invite her out to lunch & shopping when the malls have quieted down. It will be a greater treasure. Allow yourself to be human. You'll forget, burn, miss & all the other wonderful traits that make you flesh & blood but promise me no tears.

I have seen it all fighting, crying, sadness: you name its occurred in front of my eyes. I've always reassured & yes sometimes they listen not just hear but more often than not they embrace the blue that the season of red & green can cause.

There are so many reasons to love the season: family, friends, treats & yes even gifts but if the year has been filled with illness, unemployment, economic issues, heck even just stuff I hope from one side of the counter to the other I hope you can find a reason to celebrate just being alive & loved. You see all that stuff you fight & worry over, we'll pull it out of a box again next October. Its really not that important. The love which is the reason, I believe, for the season, its always there.

P.S. Grant & Hailey are coming this Tuesday for 2 weeks. I get hugs, hand holding & kiddie kisses. Really who needs more.

Merry Christmas to you & those you love!!!!!