Monday, May 17, 2010

Little green wonders all in recipe row...

Snap, snow or just a sweet treat I've always loved peas. Fresh is best naturally but unless you've planted a plot its rather difficult to find . Happily I discovered ages ago that fine frozen left to fabulous.

Of course mint is a peas best friend. Mint & pea soup has been a favourite for or so long & this recipe is my favorite because its chilled. I garnish with creme fraiche & a pea shoot or a delicate small mint sprig. Its refreshingly cool, flavorful yet not overpowering.Another favorite is fresh peas, sugar snaps, mint & feta salad. Its yummy with my go to dressing of olive oil, champagne vinegar, Maldon salt & fresh cracked white pepper. I've added chives. scallion, etc over the years but the standard greens still is works best on the buds. If not feta go for chevre, caprino, mato or any goats milk cheese. the sharpness marries well with the greens, but hey go lactose free if desired. I've done that as well.
Pea sprouts are so under used in Western culture but dou miao is yummy. These gentle pea tendrils are stir fried with garlic, ginger then soy, & I add mirin for delicacy delight. The sprouts also rock on sandwiches. You must try. I get them at my local Asian market. Their intense sweet pea essence it just rocks my boat.
Mushy English peas, Indian curries, Asian stir frys. Whether the pod or pea so many cultures use the pea & I encourage to try them all.

Potato & pea pakora's
The most unusual..a peacake with salmon, creme fraiche, meyer lemon & chive from the fabulous Zen Can Cook. I created his creation & my God!!!! Nuff said.Promise me peas, that you'll give the freshness of please, I mean peas a shot.
Have a wonderful day!!!!

Images courtesy of BBC, Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart & Zen Can Cook


Cornflake said...

Wow, greens never looked so good!! Yum! x

Kris said...

This food looks incredible! WOW!

Averill said...

Delightful color! And that peacake with salmon and creme fraiche -- YUM.

Lila said...

Yeah...I love sweet peas too. I put them raw in salads, but my hubs LOVES them steamed and eaten with rice. So good!
Lila Ferraro
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Amanda said...

Yum! Spring peas are my favorite.