Friday, May 4, 2012

Bury me in berries!!!

Once again the season of starwberries looms upon the horizons of farmers markets & better produce departments. I'm excited, no a bit nuts for the starwberries. Now in AZ I do miss the times picking fresh at the farms that dot north of Metro Detroit: fresh slightly cool because I always go in the morning & oh sooo sweet.
Now in Arizona its a rougher road but thanks to some amazing farmers in California, the local markets are dotted with lovely plump sweeties, that seemingly jump into my mouth at will. Perfection.
I will confess though "au natural" is not always my whim. Its hot here, reaaallly hot,  so sometimes blended with mint & club soda makes a refreshing non alcoholic spritzer that seals the day with a cool pucker. Yes a shot of rum makes a fine mojito as well.
Margaritas...easy choice.
Of course salads always work. I actually blend strawberries & balasmic vinegar, let them marinate for a day on the counter & then use the yummy sludge to make a killer salad dressing (good olive oil, Maldon salt & fresh black pepper...thats it) which most often ends up over greens with chevre & nuts.
If you marinate slice in a balsamic with salt & pepper they also make the perfect topping to bruschetta. Argula & soft cheese of your choice on grilled bread. Mouth is watering.
Somewhere between main course & dessert is strawberry gazpacho.  It really can go either way sweet or savory.
Macerate in balsamic has become a common choice but ever try in red wine?? Rose works well too: I prefer Spanish rose its less sweet but all vino coices are wonderful.
Desserts...glorious desserts.
 Cheesecake, short cake & pound cake or top 3 but cream cake & pavlova is a must try. I loved the chewy marshmellow like meringue of the pavlova & its a killer compliment to the berries.
Then theres the kid in me that just loves the milkshake. Good vanilla, strawberries, milk & my stick blender...heaven.
You didnt think I forgot chocolate covered strawberries did you....heck no!!
And of course jam: fridge jam is just berries, sugar & water. Now its fridge, only as titled but really...heaven.
So stray from the store, hit the fields for me this year & be berry happy.
Images courtesy of Good Housekeeping, Good Food UK, Johner, Martha Stewart Living & Me,

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