Sunday, July 17, 2011

Escape the heat with a Lazy Day...

There comes a moment, in the midst of the summertime whiteness of heat & humidity, that everyone needs a lazy day.
Well with that deep red blanketing most of the USA on the Weather Channel map, I'm thinking a few moments of cooling retreat, respite & renew could be used by all.
Who would not love to have this to cool down beside & thrust their scorched skin within.
My fave Trina Turk tunic... Tropical drink required.
Later for a nosh I recommend gazpacho... did I mention I add basil since it grows like a weed.
Pane rustica a.k.a figs, ricotta, prosciutto, mesculin & balsamic glaze on crunchy, crusty bread. Sublimely light.

Watermelon granita near the end of the day. Umbrellas make way for lanterns...

& I dream of escaping to the way.
Stay cool America.

Photos courtesy of Garden Design, Metropolitan Home, Sotheby's Real Estate, Trina Turk, House to Home


mimi charmante said...

I'll just enjoy *imagining* that it is scorching here, and that I need these things to cool down with. And then, I will enjoy cooking something cozy in my sweater and jeans with the fireplace going...
This is bizarre!

Splenderosa said...

Alicia, this is a wonderful cheery post. I love every image, and I really love Gazpacho. xx's

Lisa said...

Gazpacho! I should make gazpacho! Lucky you, homemade pesto is the best!
Love you for reminding me and also for this lovely soothing respite.
I like mine at 77 degrees straight up with a twist of 30% humidity, just enough to keep the house wide open and the mommy happy!
I replied to your sweet comment at TLPC ;)
xo Lisa

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Sounds an looks good to me!

chibiwow said...

What lovely treats the warmest weather of the year. I'm loving these very visual get away.
Hope you had a fab blogging days this year.
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Haus and Home said...

Thanks for following my blog! So excited to check yours out! Sign me up for pretty Trink Turk tunics, watermelon granitas, and fresh gazapacho by a pool!