Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The path need taken...

With all the horrid weather related disasters plaguing my America, I wanted to take a moment from my hectic life & give thanks for the fact that my family is safe, my home had windows, heck I have a home for that matter &... a bit of advice I carry near & dear to my soul.

Many years ago , while watching similar after reports from a destructive tornado in Kansas I saw a gentleman make a comment that stays with me to this day.

"Never cry for something, that can't for you."

It struck me hard & I can tell you having survived a direct hit from a tornado ( Iowa 1987) it's the only way to survive tornadoes, floods, heck even recession.

Just a thought & a window into peace from a favorite picture of the Cotswold's. I wish I could give everyone a sense of serenity, even if only for a moment, in all this tragedy.

P.S. Click on the photo for all the glory.
Glory courtesy of the gem called Garden Design.

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Blue Turtle said...

Lovely garden. Very lovely. I can almost smell the fragrance of the flowers and grass and fresh air.

J. Harp @ Murano Chandeliers