Wednesday, June 10, 2009

...a touch on my shoulder & tag...I'm it!!!!

Julie at Being Ruby , Kate at K&g Bookclub & Simone at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket all addictions I'm happy to have, tagged me within hours of each other.
List 6 Uninteresting Things you Love...
This for me is not an easy task since I always have believed that everything can be interesting.
I thought & thought & finally came up with my list of miniscule glories.
1.Popcorn...not from the theater or a microwaved bag but done on top of the stove in my giant blue Chantal pot with a teaspoon of oil & kernels. Old fashioned this may be but the sound of the popping, the scent of it wafting, all makes me giddy. Seeing Hailey as a toddler stand on the counter to watch the little perfections pop up & hit the glass lid..all at a safe a fav memory of mine. She giggled to the rhythm of the popping. Pefection.
Oh & a touch of salt is all I need but I do have 10 recipes to make all sorts of flavors and none involve powder junk. I'll share another time.

2. Walking. I tore my achilles tendon in half earlier this year & after surgery, casts, boots & physio therapy (Brian loves to kick my butt), I'm able to walk again, not run but walk. Somedays I hobble a bit but its great to need no assistance.

3. Ironing...yes I can hear every ones mouths drop but its true. Give me my fancy schmancy iron , sizing & a pile of cotton shirts & I'm in heaven. It relaxes me & being anal the challenge to do it perfectly is a pleasure. I know, I know, I'm nuts but hey I'm happy.

4.Grass...soft to the touch: I even don't mind mowing it. Green is my favorite color so grass is a natural transition. Ironically here in AZ there's not much of it & I miss my Michigan Lawn more than ever. Its great to lie on, tickle you & scrunch through your toes.

5. Kitten footies also known as cats paws. White is my downfall, my first cat eons ago being Socks for that very reason. Now I have Gunther Finch Hatton & those little footies with the pink pads are heavenly soft & squishy...which leads to my all time number one....

6. Hailey's toddler hands. When she was a wee one Hailey's hands were chubby. The little padding on the back was her squishy spot, her label not mine. We have a bond that always require holding hands & back then that little chubby, squishy form in mine was a delight only made more heavenly by the fact that a little squeeze from me was our quiet code for " I love you." I squeezed her at Target, Old Navy, the Farmers Market, you name it I squeezed everywhere & always our eyes would meet & smile.
Shes now almost 8 & the remains in our hearts.

So there you go. My list of lovelies. I hope it brings you to your & warms your heart a bit more today than usual. See everything is interesting.

Who do I tag??? Who do I want to know more about???
Katie @ Katies Nesting Spot my best friend & soul sister
Courtney @ Under the Paper Moon one talented woman
Lisa @ The Lisa Porter Collection my favorite respite
Grant @ Grant K. Gibson the mans a genius
Maureen @ Ingle Talk her header says it all...
Aran @ Cannelle et Vanille the best food blog period

I eagerly await your revelations.


Aran said...

how fun to learn more about you! Surprisingly, ironing is also a way to relax for me although I rarely spend time doing it. thank you for thinking about me!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Lovley Things Alicia. If there weren't a few oceans in the way I would send you my ironing. Or at least come over for some popcorn and a walk! Hope your physio is doing the trick. x Julie

Lisa said...

I love your comments above and you are just who i thought you would be! A good bloggy friend who always stops by & has the nicest things to say. You always leave me & my readers with a smile.
Thanks so much for playing tag with me...i will have to give this some thought.

Vitania said...

These were all so sweet.. and you'll never believe.. I too am a lover of the art of ironing.. it is absolutely therapeutic !

I don't have as much time now but I used to get teased for my desire to press everything..:-)

Thanks for sharing.. Vitania

PS the slipcovers are handprinted, embroidery would have been awesome and is what I originally thought. I highly recommend the issue of Veranda b/c it is a def keeper...

Rajee Sood said...

Hi Alicia,
It was wonderful that you dropped by and joined my circle of friends ... and wowwy ...I discovered your lovely blog ... the first thing I see is the carmel cottages ... sweet memories of carmel ... my most favourite place ... I can live there and never complain ... now you'll sure have me coming back for more. :)

Michelle Grace said...

So fun to learn more about you! Thanks for sharing. I'm also a fan of popcorn cooked on top of the stove!

Joan said...

I like you think that most things are interesting! Ironing, not so much.

Cathy said...

My dad used to pop popcorn for us when I was little...on top of the stove. He would pop enough to fill a grocery sack...the paper kind. We would head to the drive-in and eat the whole sack in the backseat while watching the movie. What a wonderful memory...thanks for reminding me!!!

I enjoyed reading all of your fav's Thanks for sharing!!!

I am new to your blog and I really have enjoyed my vist. I became a follower of yours today and look forward to returning soon!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!

annechovie said...

Hailey is so adorable! Thanks for your supportive comments, Alicia. Have a great weekend!

~ ennui ~ said...

love this post and the comment you left on mine. beautiful :)
have a wonderful weekend!

Alicia B. Designs said...

I'm so there with you on ironing. Nothing makes me happier than a perfectly flat shirt. Here's an embarrassing story. When I was in 7th grade I took out all my clothing one night, unfolded it, and ironed it, and folded it up again. Crazy. :)

Simone said...

Clearing it is "ironing" - amongst many other things - that something drew us together :)
I LOVED reading your list....and seeing your gorgeous little Hailey - nice to know she is similar in age to my little girl :)
Thank you SO much for tagging me too....I was tagged by two people on this last week and my list is on my blog...enjoy :)

Courtney said...

It is always fun to learn more about people this way, and your list is so very sweet! You will have to share your popcorn recipes sometime, and I would send my ironing your way if I could! I will have to give some thought to my list, but how much I detest ironing is something that's certainly on it! :)